The Buying Guide You Might Have Never Considered… But Should

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Businesses, especially catering establishments such as cafes and restaurants should make sure to include public restrooms in their building layouts. Simply planning for the existence of a restroom is not enough however, care must also be taken to properly include the necessities and equipment it should have. Of course, these kinds of things tend to be a low priority when it comes to more important aspects of a new start-up, but the truth is that even the smallest attention to ensuring the comfort of your clients when using the restroom will go a long towards improving the reputation of your business.As such, it never hurts to be a little more specific when it comes to decorating the stalls and common area of the restroom. One such piece of equipment you need to pay attention to is the commercial toilet paper dispenser, or basically, the holder for the toilet paper roll.

Whilst you might not believe this, a lot of thought should actually go into the decision of what type of dispenser will best fit a public restroom – how often the stalls are used, the space in the dispenser, how often maintenance is done, etc.Before you buy the bulk paper towel dispenser therefore, take a minute to actually consider how one actually functions: dispensers come in many sizes and varieties, and they sometimes also have extra features. To start with, every dispenser will come with a specific ‘roll size’ requirement; this is the diameter of the toilet paper roll which is meant to be inserted into the specific dispenser. Dispensers generally are divided into standard or jumbo dispensers on this basis. Since the roll size is not an adjustable setting, it will do you good to keep in mind the type of dispenser when you buy toilet papers (especially if it is a jumbo dispenser) – or you might find they won’t fit.

Besides the roll size, dispensers also have specific capacities to them, which is the number of rolls one can hold at any one time. Simply put, the more rolls the dispenser in question can hold, the more time it will take to fully empty it, and longer you can without attending to it. Common capacities for dispensers are single, double, triple and quad – whilst the quad is a definite investment, keep in mind that it will also need the extra space to house four rolls!

In addition to these two basic points, dispensers nowadays have mechanisms that automatically switch out stub rolls once they run out. Not to add, you should also pay attention to whether you would like fully enclosed or open dispensers, to the material the dispenser is made of and to any kind of locking system to prevent vandalism.